Selasa, 09 Februari 2016

Why Chivalry is Dead

If any of you who read this, know who Trevor Wesley is, then blessed your world. Dan anjir gue benci banget karena baru tau dia dari youtube beberapa jam lalu from one of his song Chivalry is Dead. His songs are really my muse.

Lalu gue download lagu-lagu lainnya. Dan favorit gue selain lagu tadi adalah Why. Dengan lantunan gitar dan piano. Geez, nothing can light up my mood better than this.

Trevor, you came into my life right in time I need you.

Anyway, satu lagi lagu favorit gue dari dia, Out on The Town. If you like an easy listening, soul-ish kind of song, then you might like it too. Give em a try, and you'll fall in love just like me.

Salam roti!

P.s. I might not be an ideal, outgoing, easy, person to hangout with. But I can be anything if you need me to. Things are getting weird, but I have Trevor tonight. So whatever.

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